Ki Aikido

Aikido with mind and body coordinated

Our body has a shape. We can see and touch it. The mind doesn’t have color or shape, this is why we forget about its existence. The body cannot survive without the mind, nor the mind can exist without the body. They are inseparable.

When we like what we do, it‘s easy to finalize it because the mind and body are coordinated. The opposite, when we have to do something we dislike, progress is difficult because the body does its job, but the mind permanently wanders somewhere else.

Because we use our mind and body separately, we only live half of our life. Most of the time, our mind is anywhere else, except set on what we are doing. When we separate the mind from the body, we lose our natural strength received from the universe. Stress and problems appear in our lives, followed by sickness and nervous breakdowns.

If we learn to coordinate our mind and body and extend Ki in the daily life, we can fight stress more efficiently, we can get to know ourselves better. We can understand ourselves and the others around us and we can express our human potential to the maximum. Through practice, exercising Ki development, Ki breathing and Ki meditation, we learn how to live a positive life, how to be healthier and happier.

In Ki classes, anyone can learn coordination of mind and body separate from Aikido, regardless of age or social condition. The minimum age to be able to practice is 15 and the maximum…

You are welcome to discover the coordination of mind and body together with us.

Calm, Putere, Relaxare
Calm, Putere, Relaxare
Calm, Putere, Relaxare