Ki Aikido

Ki Aikido

Ki Aikido was developed by Sensei Koichi Tohei after a lifetime dedicated to the study of the Aikido art.

Ki Aikido is a discipline that studies Ki through the Aikido martial art. By studying physical movements, we can learn the coordination of mind and body. We do not study only Aikido techniques, but also ways to use Ki in all the aspects of everyday life, as this is the final goal of studying the coordination of mind and body.

In Ki Aikido classes we learn firstly correct physical postures. When the mind is calm, the body is also naturally calm. When the mind is stable, the body is stable as well. In Japanese, this principle is called “fudou-shin, fudou-tai”, which means “unmovable mind, unmovable body”.

Ki Aikido is a martial art having as goal not winning a confrontation, but obtaining the state of coordination between mind and body through the study of Ki principles. The art helps us to re-shape our personality and improve the relationship with the world that surrounds us.

By learning correct Ki Aikido techniques, you will gain a correct physical posture naturally, you will learn how to relax, keep your calm in stressful situations and how to communicate easier with the people around you. Students develop a harmonious body and a powerful mind through personal effort.

In Ki Aikido the movements are not brutal and do not harm the body. This enables everybody to practice Ki Aikido safely, regardless of age, physical shape or gender.

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