Ki Aikido

About Ki

Ki is a popular concept in the Orient. It can be translated in many ways: vital energy, spirit, spiritual energy… Also, the ‘Ki’ symbol is a mixture of meanings between universe and unlimited expansion. In the evening we have to go to sleep because something inside is consumed - this is Ki. During the night we fill our body with Ki from the universe, so the next day we can continue our lives. Also, there are times when we feel weak without a particular reason, there are days when we are not in the mood for anything or we feel completely exhausted. The reason? - the lack of Ki.

We meet somebody for the first time and we like or dislike that person, when somebody smiles at us we smile back and we are happy – Ki is expressed in many ways in our daily life.

The basic entity of mathematics is the number one. The Earth is one, an apple is one. If we take a whole and split it in half, what is left is still one. If we continue to split it in half infinitely, we will never get to zero. There will always be a half left. Ki is the infinite sum of these infinitely small halves. This way, the Sun, the Earth, the plants, the animals, the mind and the body are born from the universal Ki.

We are part of the universe. To fully enjoy life and live happily and healthy, it is important for us to perceive the existence of Ki and understand how we can improve our lives. We say that ‘Ki is extending’ when we have coordination of mind and body.

When we extend Ki, we have a calm mind and we are powerful.

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